About Us

Paradigm Landscapes are the latest addition to the tigers group of companies. Our focus is very much on delivering quality work in all aspects of landscaping.

Our People

Pauline Scott
Managing Director Tigers Group

Brian Carmichael
Managing Director 

Laura Devennie
People and Culture
Gerry Hamill

Sam Loder
Project Manager

Steven Reid
Team Leader

John Murphy
Junior Estimator

Dean Cunningham

Ewan Hardy
Junior Landscaper

Scott Allan
Apprentice Landscaper

Paradigm Landscapes

Paradigm Landscapes Ltd is a young commercial business, within the tigers group of companies, which will operate within the broad parameters of the construction sector focussing very much on both Soft and Hard Landscaping as well as ground maintenance operations.

Servicing both Commercial and Residential sectors as well as the Social sector via our bespoke Paradigm Hub offering which sees community space design undertaken from a trauma informed perspective.

Tigers is celebrating its 20th birthday in Spring 2022.

Two decades of successful trading have seen them grow to be an established, trusted provider of industry specific training including the creation of key employment pathways in the form of modern apprenticeships alongside leading contractors across Scotland in tandem with our commitment of embedding Relationship Led Practice at the heart of our working practices.

Our Company

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Our vision is for a fair and inclusive world where equal opportunities exist for individuals, families and communities.

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