Our Ethos

We place relationships at the core of our working practice, collaborations and strategy.

Relationship Led Practice

Paradigm Landscapes exist to create an environment that breaks down barriers and inspires change. We create employment and development opportunities that can break down the barriers that individuals face to developing their potential.

Our ‘Relationship Led Practice’ was created from our understanding that significant learning and development only happens in the presence of secure, positive relationships. We understand that taking risks, being innovative, partnership working and challenging the status quo, requires vulnerability. It is easier for people to embrace their vulnerability if they are working in a culture of emotionally safe relationships. Relational safety helps us to regulate and build the resilience needed to overcome adversity and stress.

These skills and attributes can be taught, just like any other.

Our Values


We are always leading and growing from a place of curiosity.


We act with integrity through leadership, decision making and policies.


We always choose courage over comfort.


We embrace love and compassion through connection.

Why Paradigm

Paradigm Landscapes aim to marry their goals of delivering quality work and contributing to a wider societal paradigm shift through strategic leadership, focused on partnership working and steeped in relationship led practice.

Working across three distinct sectors commercial, social and residential we also aim to bring an innovative approach to the landscaping arena through initiatives such as Paradigm Hubs –  community spaces designed through a trauma informed lens – which will augment the classic landscaping work.    

With experienced and qualified staff on the ground leading our individual projects we can ensure a high standard of operational expertise supplemented by supplier arrangements which offer flexibility of working, speed of supply and competitive tendering. 

Alongside our explicit intention to create a platform of employment and aspiration for some who would otherwise face potentially insurmountable barriers to employment. Our resolute commitment to staff development at all levels encompasses both personal and professional development.

Our Services

All aspects of our landscaping service are designed with relationships in mind. From commercial to residential delivery we are focussed on exceeding client expectation.