Paradigm Landscapes grow by Acquisition

As the most recent business to emerge from within the Tigers Group, Paradigm Landscapes operate from that same space of being commercially minded with explicit social purpose. In this, our first year of trading, we have focused on creating three main themes for our business to focus on in terms of work delivery. Those have […]

Relationship Led Practice at Tigers Group

Relationships are at the heart of a thriving organisation’, is a belief held within the tigers group. Organisations can spend copious amounts of time strategising about how they are going to grow their business, scoping market conditions, branding their products and services, and manging their financial performance. All these functions are fundamental to creating a […]

Poverty and Opportunity in Glasgow & Scotland

Scotland has long contended with the problem of violence. For generations the country, and Glasgow in particular, was renowned for its violence problem.  Scotland was called ‘the most violent country in the developed world’, Glasgow ‘the murder capital of Europe’.  These are titles nobody wants to win, they were shameful and painted a bleak picture […]

Paradigm Landscapes Hubs in a justice setting

There are 15 prisons in Scotland. They house approximately 8000 people on any given day. (1) Scotland’s rates of imprisoning people from within the general population have gone up, as compared to a century ago. We now have one of the highest imprisonment rates in Europe. Our culture tends to think of prisons as places […]

The importance of employment pathways

Recidivism rates and the various factors that can affect them are a constant source of international scholarly debate. Sustainable housing, positive family support and employment are well recognised key factors in supporting an individual upon release. Our experience at HMP Edinburgh is that the importance of pathways to employment are pivotal for many individuals as […]